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Server back online
Oct 05, 11:31 AM by kTdnG

Server was offline due to a bug in the reboot process. It has been fixed and players are able to login again.
Have fun!


Map for October is Live
Oct 03, 11:07 PM by RubblePile

Good luck everybody!


End of world / Map reset moved to Oct. 3
Sep 30, 09:27 PM by RubblePile

The map reset is delayed, partly because of complications with the new map and also because of limited availability of the admins during the week to get the map set up. We're hoping to have everything ready Oct. 3 at Midnight Universal time.

In the meantime, bans will still be reset today so you can join and play for a day or two. If you die, you'll be revived on Oct 3 for the new map as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Deathbans have been reset for the 2nd half of Sep.
Sep 15, 08:28 PM by RubblePile

See ya 'round!


Death Bans have been reset for the start of Sept.
Sep 01, 03:40 AM by RubblePile

Good luck everybody!

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